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About us

Future Climate is a not-for-profit organisation working on policy and innovative delivery programmes to bring about sustained action on climate change.  Future Climate uses the experiences of delivering on-the-ground to bring new thinking in policy making, as well as undertaking research specifically to inform policy debate.

Our core work is on sustainable energy in buildings, informed and supported by wider perspectives: we’ve worked on projects at city, UK, European and global level.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Sustainable energy in buildings, including energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency financing
  • Energy and fuel poverty
  • Community energy and energy democratisation
  • Smart metering
  • Waste and circular economy
  • Climate adaptation
  • Air quality

Our Objectives

  • To use the lessons of successful sustainable energy  programmes at all scales – from local to trans-national – to inform policy development by the UK government, European policy makers and governments globally
  •  To bring together and provide space for the exploration of innovative solutions to key challenges in sustainable energy and to disseminate results of innovative programmes – positive or negative – across the sector
  • To  promote evidence-based policy making in the field of sustainable energy