What we do

Development of strategies and programmes – we help local government and public sector bodies to plan and fund sustainable energy programmes..

Practical policy research – to help government, public-sector bodies, trade associations and NGOs to identify and develop policy ideas that can promote sustainable energy

Collaboration on academic research  Рto understand the legal, behavioural and technical challenges to reducing carbon emissions and to come up with innovative solutions.

Guidance and training for practitioners in sustainable energy in buildings -we help staff working with buildings, building owners and tenants to understand the latest policies and regulations and opportunities to promote warmer, lower carbon buildings

How we do it

To carry out our work we use the following approaches:

Qualitative research – from focus groups with vulnerable tenants to structured stakeholder interviews with senior executives in large-scale energy supply

Quantitative  research Рwith large scale, representative national consumer surveys and smaller-scale research with a segment of building owners

Policy roundtables – we’re expert at facilitating stakeholders to understand policy thinking and then add their views to the debate.

Data analysis – we carry out statistical analysis on official housing and householder datasets

Literature and policy review – We can identify the latest thinking on key issues in sustainable energy policy. We use systematic approaches to review the academic literature, government publications and the full range of informal “grey” literature and internet sources.