Future Climate


Future Climate is a not-for-profit organisation working on national policy and innovative delivery programmes to bring about sustained action on climate change.  Future Climate uses the experiences of delivering on-the-ground to bring new thinking in policy making.

Our core work is on sustainable energy in buildings in the UK, informed and supported by wider perspectives: we’ve worked on projects at European and global level. And as well as energy we know about waste and air quality.

Our Objectives

  • To use the lessons of successful sustainable energy  programmes at all scales – from local to trans-national – to inform policy development by the UK government, European policy makers and governments globally;
  •  To bring together and provide space for the exploration of innovative solutions to key challenges in sustainable energy and to disseminate results of innovative programmes – positive or negative – across the sector
  • To  promote evidence-based policy making in the field of sustainable energy.

Future Climate Works Ltd (trading as Future Climate) is a company registered in England no. 7537350